Jamboree Philosophy

by 710fm

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released July 10, 2013



all rights reserved


710fm Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Laws of Nature
People change not the times the world isn't yours and its not mine. History's written by the victors I've been told or like Napoleon said heres a rough quote. It becomes what is agreed upon, mass consensus to decipher right or wrong. Look at the 7 billion and then reflect, if all these lost souls have answers to shit. Simply vote upon a new law to be passed only laws of nature I give respect. Mathematics, pi, and the golden number. Some deny time yet celebrate the summer. And claim by screaming from roof tops. That they got the answers but yet the proof stops when logical equations are presented as questions. Believe in free will yet saying things are destined, to happen. Make and let it create. Like Considine would say its time to deviate. Now let me get this straight, the Earth is round, and houses are square nowhere in nature to be found. Sound, I'm thankful for the sense. Seeing colors images love for vision, sense of touch taste and smell its called common sense but its more common to sell. Yourself short with the lack of confidence. Believing in yourself is now the rare sense. and having 2 cents is replaced by the internet. And the great outdoors is searching nature in google images.
Track Name: 12 Toes
Robert Chambers the 12 toed man, makes me wonder if I've been here again. wrote the first book on evolution.........
Track Name: Jamboree Poetry
Jamboree Poetry, hour by the minute to the 2nd degree. Time it then times it by the power of 3, x=y and E is MC. Squared, a Rubik's cube, a puzzle of algorithms solved by this dude. we asked a 100 people for the family feud whose got the jazz, they all said Drew. I go through the heart and up into the brain to find the lyrics that now lay upon the page. Into the mic and up to the stage. Through evolution an MC was made......

Jamboree poetry playing A to G on the ivory keys. Passionately producing melodies, paper to ink, getting lyrically, inclined. Its one way to fill the spare time, filled with the thrills. I got my mind on the rhythm, current way of life is jamboree livin, possessions, are minimized. Simplistic way of life, stays organized. Like Einstein a question that drives me hazy, am I, or are the others crazy. Never Lazy use my time whys. Beggars cant be chooser and the Earth gave you life. If the world was to give me limes, I'd show some gratitude theres a piece of advise
Track Name: Singing to the Rain
If you don't use it you will lose it, so do what you love....